Types of features available on a smart thermostat

It is an exciting time for those looking to upgrade their standard thermostats to smart boiler alternatives. New and innovative features are becoming available on a selection of smart thermostat models enabling you to greatly enhance your home heating experience.

smart thermostat features

Useful features available on Smart Thermostats

multi-room control

As the name suggests, multiroom control means you’ll be able to control each of your rooms' temperatures separately. Perfect for those looking to save energy where it's not needed and for households with differing opinions when it comes to the perfect temperature!

hot water control

Get full control over the temperature of your hot water system with the smart hot water control feature.


Smart thermostats with ‘Geofencing’ technology tie into a wider network of smart home devices and can tell when you are home and when you are away - adjusting your heating accordingly for greater convenience and efficiency. ‘Geofencing’ is a must-have feature for those looking to tie their smart thermostat into their smart home network.

Holiday Mode

Save money by opting for a smart thermostat feature called holiday mode. As you’ve likely guessed, holiday mode allows you to save money whilst you are away on holiday.

Smart Setback

Smart setbacks help you save money on your heating costs by ensuring that your heating and cooling is only being used when and where you need it.

Energy Reports

Energy reports provide in-depth information about how you use your heating and cooling and allow you insights into where you can save and when you are using your heating the most.


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